Cquote1 Hey Lizzy, you look pretty! Everybody like you are as beautiful as Tori Vega! Cquote2
Lizzy Greene

Lizzy Greene, worshipper of Pedo Bear

Lizzy Greene is an actress who plays the most beautiful Dawn Harper. She is a worshipper of Pedo Bear and she is from Germany. She also stars in shows and TV movies like Damaged Goods, Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn and the Thundermans.


Lizzy is some kind of the dark side of every Tween girl of the world. She is stuck-up like most of the tween girls. If you aren't a fan of her, she hopes you die and that's what the rumor really was...


She appeared to be somewhat ugly. She ha a nice brown hair, blue eyes and pale skin.


  • She is the only actress who appeared in 1 TV movie.
  • She is the only actress who was on 2 Nickelodeon original series.
  • Like most female child actresses, she died by being eaten by Titanaboa.
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