Little Einsteins is an EVIL and dangerous kiddie show on Didney Jewnyur created by Freddy Fazbear way back in 2005.

It was banned around the world due to the Little Einsteins Theme Song Remix, and Rocket being turned into a robot that plays the song non-stop.

The creators of Baby Einstein sued Freddy for creating Little Einsteins in 2011, causing the show to be cancelled but still aired in re-runs until it was banned in 37 countries throughout 2015.

Pocoyo loves this show.

What it's all about

These four kids and their rocket, just called Rocket, go on lame "adventures" and ruin classical music by Mozart and other composers.

The show is the reason why art is no longer popular because EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF ART IN THE WORLD was used - and destroyed - on the show.

Ban worldwide

Little Einsteins was banned in 37 countries due to Rocket playing the theme song remix non-stop and bursting everyone's eardrums while doing such.

It was moved to 4AM in the United States of UnAmerica, aired on CBeebies in Poland, became only available for babies to watch in Germany, aired on Crap Network in Southeast Hyrule, and was renamed to "Paid Programming" to make sure people don't watch it.

Leo, June, Quincy, and Annie (the titular Einsteins) were thrown into the German Prison by the Baby Einstein crew after they successfully sued them.

As of 2018-present their show were replaced with big fat and ugly Bluey,

Countries it was banned in

  1. UnUnited Kingdom
  2. North Korea
  3. France
  4. Number Island
  5. Sonic Islands
  6. Mushroom Kingdom
  7. Azarath
  8. Alphabeta
  9. China
  10. Sparta
  11. Tibecuador
  12. India
  13. West Hyrule
  14. Soviet Russia
  15. The Desert Of Melting Clocks
  16. N. Sanity Island
  17. Mexico
  18. Yudonia
  19. UnPanem
  20. Gensokyo (the rest of Japan is OK with it)
  21. and more
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