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Play, Create and Share, or else Captain 0 won't be happy.

LittleBigPlanet is some british shame for the Play Station 3 made by Media Molecule. In this shame, you run around, using a blue blob thing called the Popit to place stickers and build. It was made by the egotistical Sackboy who has these powers himself.


Story Mode

Some half-pint is doing some stupid things, although this is only told to you by the last level of the 7th world. So you run through enviorments, jump on the brains of bad guys, and place STICKERS everywhere to find this guy, and mercilessly ki-, errrr, have a civilised conversation over why what he did was wrong. But yep, that's it, oh! There are also bubbles, which unlock things for...

Create Mode

Make UnAnything! From ropes, to beetles, to even Elmo with a gun! The sky's the limit! It's not 3D like Minecraft, however, so that's upsetting, but there is a chance you can make Minecraft in it too! Press the top arrow on the controller and you can freeze and unfreeze stuff too, just to help. If you have Wi-Fi, then you can even upload the levels to...


Play all the levels you want, albeit mostly it's just Bomb and Shark Survivals, there is also the dreaded H 4 Hing, which only one man can do and stay cool. Despite this, there are still cool levels with Captain 0 curb stomping Captain 1, isn't that cool?


There's even licensed DLC packs, like of Sonic, Lemmings and whatnot, you will be buying all those Play Station Store cards to get them all!


The shame was very well received, many people loved it! But then Minecraft came to ruin everything by stealing the show. The shame is now rarely talked about, even though it spawned a whole series, which hasn't had a new shame since 2014. And soon the series was destroyed by Media Molecule's next sandbox shame, Dreams...

...But come to 2020 and Steve Irwin, "Jobs" Universe Jr. glued the series' pieces back together to make a spin-off called Sackboy: A Crass Adventure to reignite popularity, and it kinda worked. He is now on good terms with Sackboy, but they rarely see each other since Steve has been chained to the heels of Bill Gates.