Lisa advertising the NintenD'oh Zii.

Lisa Simpson is the middle child of the Simpson family and one of the only smart people in all of Springfield. Lisa Simpsons is the current manager of marketing in NintenD'oh and a strong advocate of actually using your brain every once in a while. Nobody listens to her, however, so she just sits in a corner and cries.

Lisa was first born to Homer and Marge Simpson because they needed a marketing agent. Marge got pregnant, but first they traveled to a wise magician. They requested that he make their unborn daughter smart and intelligent. He granted their wish, and they had a marketing agent. 


Lisa Simpson was born in a town called Springfield. It is one of the most polluted town in the world. She is smart (as mentioned above) because a magician made her smart. She graduated Springfield High and worked at NintenD'oh. She is also one of the most successful businesswoman. 

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