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Liquid Bogan sighting, photographer presumed dead

Liquid Bogan is a now deceased (unconfirmed) clone of Bulk Bogan.

He was created by Nicolaus Copernicus so that he could used his strength to get unbanished from poland.

He is only related to the Bogan family genetically as he has 0 relationships with anyone in the family

Life History

As previously mentioned, he was created by Nicolaus Copernicus so that he could  obtain a new "life engine" in order to get unbanished from poland.

This backfired, as due to Liquid Bogan's tremendous strength, he was able to obliterate Nicolaus.

He soon began to wander around. Liquid Bogan was somehow even dumber then the real Bulk Bogan, despite his fairly dapper appearance. Due to this he practically ran on instinct.

Due to that, he killed practically everyone who came in contact with him. This lead to several insane claims made against the real Bulk Bogan, which were actually caused by Liquid Bogan. 

Bulk Bogan had had enough and went searching for Liquid Bogan, only to disappear whenever a “certain person” visited him.

When Bulk Bogan finally encountered him, Liquid Bogan was shocked that he didn’t know Bulk Bogan. However, Liquid later revealed with him very primitive speaking capabilities that he was actually aware that Bulk Bogan existed.


After meeting each other for the first time, they entered a majestic duel fuled by each others' idiocy.

After flailing their limbs back & forth the real Bulk finally just pulled out a gun and shot Liquid in the head, killing him instantly.

It is believed that Liquid is dead, but their have been rumors & sightings of him still being alive. These are prominent around the perimeter of Area 51 & just on the entrances/exits to Oasis Springs (North, East, South, & West).