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Lip, after drinking some Nectar from a Tulip
Lip Season 3


Eye color: Red
Species: Flower Fairilu
Home: Some Forest
Likes: Tulips (Because she IS one.), Humans
Dislikes: Failing
Education: Who knows what time of Fairilu School.
Occupation: Anime Character
Known For: Being Cute, Ruler of Alola
UnRank: 70,000

Lip is an adorable Fairilu, and is also the Main character/Maker of Rilu Rilu Fairilu. Lip also likes Humans, unlike most Fairies/Fairilu, who are afraid of them. She is actually the first Fairilu to exist, being made from some lab experimenter fusing plants with Fairies. Anyhow, before she started her own Anime, she was sorta in the background of EVERYTHING. But anyways, she started her own Anime in a time no one cares about, and she then got popular, and just more cuter.

Now, fans of Lip are by the following: Your Mom, Nobody, and Anybody.

She is also based off of a Tulip, which is very obvious cuz her name is Lip. Right? Also, she does respawn every time she dies after a year, though no one would kill her due to how cute she is, alright? So if you kill this thing, then be killed as well! (As well as your Ghost, Ghost's Ghost, Ghost's Ghost's Ghost, and Ghost's Ghost's Ghost's Ghost.)

One time, she took over Alola by visiting there and due to her cuteness, everyone suddenly executed Eevee and they made her the Queen of Alola. But then she left Alola to do make her series.

It is said that she has a human form, but no one can prove it, as it's only been seen once. And she also drinks Nectar...from Tulips. OH GOD, SHE IS A CANNIBAL!


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