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Lionel William Hutz (Bill Hutz)
Lionel Hutz.png
'Mr Simpson You're Fired'
Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Black
Species: Human
Home: North Korea
AKA: Phil Hartman,Troy McClure,Lyle Lanley
Likes: Beer
Dislikes: Homer Simpson
Education: Gulag 16 (AKA Dealey Plaza
Occupation: Governor of Dealey Plaza Detention Center ( Disputed by Richard Nixon) and Leader of Bruzil

Lionel William Hutz is the 110th Governor of Dealey plaza Detention Center and the Leader of Bruzil,He hates Homer Simpson and Bashar Al-Assad for creating Dealey Plaza as a actual settlement and not as a consecration camp

Early History

Hutz was born in 1980 to Lindsey Stirling and Bill O'Reilly.

At Age 18 he married and moved to the Dealey Plaza Detention Center to Impregnate several inmates and to watch Bill Cosby get shot by Gary Oldman.


Hutz was then fired for his involvement in the War of 1812 which was considered a war crime

He now lives in a brothel were he makes 34k worth of North Korean Won, and has made love with Jessica Azul-Rey.


  • He almost killed Inga and her Adopted son Akira by throwing them into Hell Luckily Jesus was able to save them
  • He Hates Richard Nixon
  • He Likes ChristianU2uber
  • The BBC had a female worker that Lionel Hutz Married and Had a Son with