Link teh Shame is a shooting shame starring Link going out to kill everybody. It is a worldwide hit.


Link bores himself, and The King says that peace is what all true warriors strive for. Link gets pissed, and shoots the King. Link decides to kill everybody. DUN! DUN! DUUUUUUUUN!



After beating Ganon, Link laughs evily, but gets shoot by an unknown person hidden in the shadows. He gets sent to the Undefeatables. They decide that Link is to stupid to be an Undeafeable, and Chuck Norris roundhouse kicks Link down, and Link is no longer seen.The end?

Secret Final Boss

There is a secret final boss that can only by unlocked by stealing hidden weapons from every level. After beating Ganon, a dark shadow will be seen and The King appears. Due to being the secret final boss, it are veeeeeeeeeeeery hard. Nobody knows how The King have come back from the dead.

Real Ending

After beating The King, Link becomes the King of Hyrule. He becomes so power-crazy, he becomes evil. Then he decides to create World War III, destroying entire continents. After a while, the shame ends with Earth exploding in a BOOOOOOOOOM!.


The shame was widely loved by organizations. Biased Ratings gave it a 9000/10, and played it during the rest of their lifes. It was banned in Hyrule for a short period, but became popular after the King got addicted to it.The shame is now played worldwide.

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