Link at his usual appearance

CD I Link is better than by NinaUsagi

His rivalry with the other Links are worse than ever before

Cquote1 Gee, it sure is boring around here Cquote2

Link is a guy who lives in Varrock Castle and defeats Zezima.

He is known as Mah Boi in Hyrule Castle and works as Jmods's assistant. He is known for wearing no clothes and bombing world Trade Centres. He tries to get Zelda to touch his arm, but always pre ejaculates.

Once Ganon wanted to hire Link to cook him some DINNER, but when Link brought light to Ganon's lair, he DIEd. Link respawned in Candy Mountain. What happened afterwards is quite unmentionable.

Link's whereabouts are currently unknown, though it is believed he is somewhere in Hyrule, loading his weapon.

He has a HUGE rivalry with the other incarnations of Link espacially Young Link and Toon Link. Some suggest that this rivalry started the Hyrulean Civil War.

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