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He looks innocent, but he's really a Lovecraftian monster disguised as a preteen boy.

Lincoln Loud is the leader of The Loud House, a terrorist group that rivals the Teletubbies. He is extremely evil. He lives in Royal Woods along with the rest of the Loud “family”.


Lincoln Loud was created billions of years ago by Zalgo, the same entity that created the rest of the Loud siblings.

Like all of his “sisters”, he is actually a genderless Eldritch Abomination underneath his “human” clothes. He (along with his sisters and friends) only ages once every few billion years.

He and his sisters used to be part of The Barney Bunch, but in 1992, after a disagreement with Drew Pickles, they created their own terrorist organization, known as The Loud House.

It is unknown how he became the leader of The Loud House instead of Lori. Some people think that it’s because he’s the only “boy”. Other people think he brainwashed his “sisters” to worship him.

Lincoln had his “big break” in 2016, when he bribed Viacom to make a show about his family and life, known as “The Loud House”, and air it on Nickelodeon. The show made lotsa money, and has lotsa merchandise, including toys, comics, lunch boxes, and a flamethrower.


  • He has a "superhero" alter-ego known as Ace Savvy, which he uses to fight “crime” (read: anyone he disagrees with).
  • He has a stuffed rabbit doll called "Bun-Bun". It is theorized to be a "horcrux"; if you haven't read/watched the Harry Potter books/movies, that means that if you destroy the Bun-Bun doll, Lincoln dies permanently, and doesn't respawn. However, nobody has ever been able to actually take it from Lincoln, so this is unproven.