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Cquote1 Blooming Pokemon! PokeChartreuse! Cquote2
Lilligant's rollcall as PokeChartreuse.
Cquote1 I hate my family! Cquote2
(As Petilil) Lilligant bragging about how much she hates her father, mother, and brother.
Cquote1 I will get REVENGE on you mom! Cquote2
(As Lilligant) Lilligant threatening to get revenge on her mother.
Member 13 - Lilligant


Lilligant is PokeChartreuse of the Vast Pokeforce and is the cruel daughter and princess of a quite kind King and Queen.

Her designated roman numeral is XIII (13).

Worse, she is also one of the 12 bosses of the Supreme Golden Ace Invasion Organization.

Lilligant loves Tropius/PokeGreen and Lurantis/PokePink so much that she joined the Vast Pokeforce and not only became more evil, but became recklessly evil.

Not to mention she is an insultist like Ursaring/PokeBrown and Gigalith/PokeDenim.

Once bought to be returned to King Abomasnow's and Queen Tsareena's palace by Exeggutor, Breloom, Roserade, Leavanny, and Gogoat to be returned for a serious talk after what Lilligant has been doing as PokeChartreuse of the Vast Pokeforce, though all the sudden Escavalier/PokeGray interrupted Abomasnow and Tsareena from making her a better person.

Petilil (AKA Young Lilligant)

Petilil, when Lilligant was a much younger child.

Meanwhile, specifically Roserade felt ashamed of herself for serving King Abomasnow and Queen Tsareena, while the others still wanted to be heroes and serve them.

Lilligant and Escavalier eventually got married after Escavalier slain both Abomasnow and Tsareena along with both their children and grandchildren.

She's cruel enough that she joined with the Teletubbies and helped them all, especially Dipsy.

Lilligant is also psychotic herself in that she enjoys killing all of the good Pokemon.

Lilligant later became the fourth member to join the Quintessential Elemental Emperor Invasion Organization and the fourth member in the Wood Group.

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