This is what they get for trying to help someone.


The Liberty City Police Department (LCPD) is the police department for Liberty City. It is a very corrupt police force and is always subject to controversy. It is always being attacked by criminals. In fact, it has the world record for most police officer deaths in history. Hundreds of them have been killed. Why? Well, whenever someone gets in a crash in Liberty City, instead helping them, they shoot to kill. This kind of mentality has forced people to shoot back. These shootouts can escalate in to massacres of people followed by mass destruction. Sometimes, the LCPD is so scared of losing more people that they call in the FBI and military.



The police have guns to shoot people, pepper spray to blind people, tasters to electrocute people, and those funny black sticks to hit hippies with.


The LCPD's vehicle of choice tends to be a normal squad car, and a police helicopter when it is needed.

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