King Leonidas 300


Cquote1 THIS IS SPARTAAAAAA!!! Cquote2

Leonidas is an awesome guy, who owns Sparta and The 300. He was born in Sparta, he was raised in Sparta, he fought for Sparta, and now Sparta fights for him. He loves screaming "THIS IS SPARTAAAAAA!!!" and kicking people (like the Persians or Google employees), into giant holes.

Leonidas is known for his ability to charge into people, scream "THIS IS SPARTAAAAAA!!!", run them through with a sword, punch them in the face, throw them across the planet, run them through with a sword a second time, make them swallow a
bomb, and then kick whatever's left of them into a hole.

Harsh, but sometimes necessary (well, not really).

Leonidas was killed in The 2nd Spartan War by Toka Ryuumonbuchi, but was revived recently by the Fly of Despair to battle in the 100-Year Dutchman War.