thats him alright

Cquote1.png I'M THE KING OF THE WORLD!!! Cquote2.png
  —''', Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio (AKA Lucas according to Dawn) is a famous movie actor, Pokemon master, and person who has recieved an Oscar. He also made the first Dunkin' Doughnut store. He saved the world from Miley Cyrus two times! He also starred in the movie UnOpen Season.

His Life

Leonardo had a great life. He was born in New York City and lived in the Plaza Hotel until he started school. Him and his family moved to Marco Island, Florida and he started school. When he started school, his dad gave him his first Pokemon, a Magikarp (he must really hate him) and Leonardo loved his Magikarp. He only uses Magikarp from that moment and on. As his Pokemon carrer was growing, he started taking drama classes in high school and went to Acting School of Acting of Acting, Florida . He graduated high school and college with highest honors in acting and his family moved again to Miami to show off his skills and film movies. However, Miami was a bad place because movie directors don't like the light (Ganon ) and he only continued his Pokemon carrer, beating champions and getting lotsa money. He then moved to Seattle to find an acting job. Since it always rains there, Leonardo luckily found Ganon living there and asked for a job. Ganon gave him the spot in his movie, UnOpen Season. He played as the grizzly bear that wants to take over Pittsburgh . He became a trillionaire and moved back to Marco Island and bought a villa on a private beach. He now lives in that

Screencap of Leonardo Diccpario plays as, well, i dont know.

villa with his six Magikarp in a HUGE lake with his wife,Mary Jane . As he was reaching his 20s, he realized he was getting old and decided to do more with his life. He wanted to recreate bagels into something sweet and the doughnut was born. He made a resturant franchise and he became a quadrillionaire because his idea was great. Then, in 5 years, Miley Cyrus was going to take over the world on top of Mt. Evil . Luckily, Leonardo and his Magikarp defeated him and his Pokemon but a year later, Miley went back onto the top of Mt.Evil with even more powerful Pokemon and made a portal to another dimension that was going to destroy ours but Leonardo defeated Miley again, saving the world. He was given every type of award there was for saving the world, being a great actor, making doughnuts and being a Pokemon Master with only Magikarp. Thus he became the world's first centillionaire (centillion is a number with 303 zeros!). However, there wasn't that much money in the world so the entire world was in debt to him.

2021 brought a massive resurgence for Leonardo, allowing him to become the first googolplexaire - a number followed by a googol zeroes, itself a number with 100 zeroes.

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