Yellow snow is basically iced lemonade used as a chaser by drunk kids.

Lemonade is a beverage that was made by extracting urine and socks molds to give it a sour taste and a distinctive flavor. It is thought by many drinkers that this beverage was made from lemons because of its name. But it's actually derived from the sentence "Lem have aids". The story goes on like this. Once there was a man named Lem, who made love with a clam. After that, he was diagnosed with aids. So what he did is to urinate in a glass and blend it with molds from his socks to make a lemonade. He did this to earn money for his problem with aids. He died anyway.


The aforementioned urine and socks molds to give it a sour taste and a distinctive flavor is the main ingredients of a lemonade. Sometimes, lemonade sellers put sugar in order to give it a sweet taste for people to buy it. All of that information is wrong and you make Lemonade using Combustible Lemons. (Though Pink Lemonade does use socks and blood)


There are a lot of conspiracies involving lemonade. There's a popular conspiracy about lemonade that states that lemonades secretly have a hidden ingredient that is combined to corrupt drinkers mind. The conspiracy is still being researched by conspiracy theorists.

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