Told You Crime Occurs Everywhere, as Shown Here!

Lego City is a dangerous city where the sad lives of the Lego people live, Some say some Robloxians live there as well. The population is OVER 9000. In this city, crime occurs everywhere. The people who commit crime there state that its because of all the blue coins hidden everywhere. Lego City is the capital of Legoland.

There is lots of pollution in Lego City, due to all the cleanup everywhere, trying to get all the blue coins out of there and make it a peaceful land. A shame about Grand Theft Auto took place in Lego City once due to all its crime. Also there are lots of giant monsters there that usually attack the city, and people always leave their cars wide open, so anybody can just walk along and steal it. Every week the city is always destroyed by giant menacing toddlers, but we're going to omit these. It is not to be confused with Legoland.


A tonne of stuff happened in Lego City. Most of them are tragic and sad, and usually has something to do with crime. Down there is a list of sad, tragic events.

  • 1514-Groudon burns Mewtwo after Mewtwo punches Groudon in the face
  • 1800-The City was discovered
  • 1806-Justin Bieber moved there and ruined everything
  • 1833-A plane crashed into a building
  • 1856- The entire city caught on fire for 10 minutes precisely.
  • 1879-All the homeless shelters burned down
  • 1899-Everybody died
  • 1904- The Eiffel Tower replica collapsed and crashed into several houses.
  • 1921-George W. Bush became president of the city
  • 1963-A bunch of stores where robbed and a daycare burned down
  • 1967- A freak lightning storm asplodes lotsa stuff.
  • 1999-A building asploded for no reason
  • 2008- A tropical storm hits.
  • 2012-EXPLOSIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 2094-Disestablished!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 2099- Restasblished.
  • 2104- Taco Mc. Edwardier IIV shot 500 people with a 30 ft tall tank
  • 2120- The local elephant seagull bagel has been STOLEN
  • 2330- Half the town got bombed by Scooby Doo
  • 2335- Every person was forced to eat corny paper
  • 2401- Die guy sends down his menacing Salami Squad from SWAT helicopters and shoots 127 people
  • 2406-
  • 2464- A waffle got killed by cheese chubs
  • 2471- Taco Mc. Edwardier's Edwardo Nerds bombed The City
  • 2477-
  • 2777- The population decreased from 2,000,046 to 1,000,345 from Nazi Bombers
  • 2778- Shizuka Marikawa falls on the ground and asplodes
  • 3004- 2 old people still exist in The City
  • 3044- A bunch of waffles rain down from the sky and crushes the remaining people
  • 3045- Lego City becomes abandoned and broken
  • 3233- The Woozingamabooberbingzians discover the Lego City's Remains
  • 1800- A time paradox occurs.
  • 1801- NEDMgee takes over the remains of the city, turns it into NEDMgee City, and stares at all of the Woozingamabooberbingzians.
  • 1805- Dipsy sends his army to shoot Donald Trump, who was currently president.
  • 1806- Billy Mays assassinates 5 high-ranking "officials".
  • Date Unknown - A man falls into the river.
  • ===Present Day- .===

All of the Scary Places

  • Wacky Fun Lego Fair- An Old abandoned theme park that once asploded
  • The Lego Hoods- A bunch of feared neighborhoods where you can't leave the house without getting shot
  • Blue Coin Paradise- Where all the bad people live due to all the blue coins
  • Lego River- A stormy ocean infested with sharks so you can't escape Lego City
  • Main Street- The most dangerous road and most popular road in Lego City
  • Tourist Zone- An empty place with old rusty hotels

As you can see, Lego City is the worst place to live, compared to Legoland.

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