Legion of Captains

The Legion of Captains is a guild of computer generated warriors that fight for honor and integrity. There are currently more than thirty-one members in the legion, which are led by founder Captain 0 (who holds the rank of Captain). The Legion of Captains is currently the second largest organization of captains in the entire world, after that PirateCon that they held in Chicago last year.


The Legion of Captains was created by Captain 0 in the early 18th century during the First Undefeatable War. Captain 0 founded the group to provide support for the Loyalist Army. In a serious of events that was entirely unrelated to the Legion, the Loyalists won the war and the Legion was not sentenced to death by sea bears.

In early 2001, a schism took place within the Legion. Captain 1 declared that he wanted no part of a group led by Captain 0, preferring instead to side with Jimbo Wales and his so called "facts" on his so called "Wikipedia". Captain 1, along with Captains 2 and 3, engaged in a brief battle with Captain 0 before venturing off to Wikipedia. After that website turned out being a load of crap, Captains 2 and 3 begged for forgiveness and were put through initiation once again. Captain 1, however, swore vengeance and has since become the Legion's most infamous enemy.


Former Members

Management Team (documented so far)

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