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Larry showing off his brute muscles

Larry the Lobster is a very muscular lobster that works out at the Gym. He thinks he's at the top of the Lobster Hierarchy, but in reality, he is only somewhere in the middle of it.


Larry, as seen above, likes to have huge muscles. He Works out a lot at the gym. Aside from that,he also likes surfing at a Uncertain beach. He is almost impossible to kill. Like, beat up-kill, you can kill him with a sniper though. He is strong making him part of Super Strong Giant Person though he dosent like them due to jealousy. He is also somewhat friends with SpongeBob SquarePants and Patrick Star, who he invites to his strength training competitions. He likes to eat Cheese, but only if it's not explosive.


Aside from weight lifting and surfing,Larry likes to play volleyball. Hitting people with the ball in the process. One day, the Powers of Weakness stole his protein shake and drank it to make themselves not weak. But right before it could reach Smelly's tongue, Noo-Noo came out of nowhere and sucked and drank all of the shake up. The Next Day, Larry found himself inside Noo Noo along with the liquid of his drink. Unfortunately for Noo Noo, Larry got out of him just by screaming. he escaped unharmed.

At war

Years later, while working his muscles, Larry went onto battle against the Supreme Golden Ace Invasion Organization, he was able to take down Tsunami and Volcano first. He was also to take down some Satanist Empire members, especially Googolplex as well as convincing Pearl Krabs to be a hero again. She was worried that Mr. Krabs would take her back, but he stated he would guard her.

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