Language Littles is a ripoff of The Lingo Show that is literally everything.


The Swahili-speaking character.

It's a doll line, a movie, and a stupid abomination that should be taken right off the face of the earth. It WAS banned in 37 countries around the world.


It was invented in 1999 by Iggy Azalea, who wanted to brainwash kids into learning languages in a boring and moronic way. So, she created racist dolls. It teaches kids bad words in the languages and the wrong words for some things. It's as effective as Yahoo Babelfish.

The movie, "Language Littles: The Legend of Loodapog" was invented in 2006 to further brainwash stupid kids.

Ever since its heyday it has succeeded in using Idiot Manipulation to get kids to learn languages the WRONG way. The brainwashing caused by Language Littles can be undone by watching 6 hours straight of CBeebies (especially The Lingo Show) or SpongeBob SquarePants.

Da Movie

The Language Littles go to some stupid fat purple thing named Loodapog (a ripoff of Lingo)'s birthday party. HOW PATHETIC. This made over 9001 babies cry. The Teletubbies hated this movie and destroyed their kingdom.


  • Lizzie-A Spanish-speaking girl who loves empanadas. HER NAME ISN'T EVEN A SPANISH NAME.
  • Ricky-A boy who ALSO speaks SPanish, as if Lizzie wasn't enough.
  • Jolie-A girl who speaks French and drinks warm Belgian lager until she gets drunk. She also likes to paint but she sucks at it. She is a Jargonaise ripoff.
  • Sophie-An Italian-speaking girl who always plays soccer. WHY DOES SHE HAVE RED HAIR IF SHE'S FROM ITALY?!
  • Sarah-A Hebrew-speaking girl who looks ugly. She is uglier than you.
  • David-A Hebrew-speaking boy who was invented just to be annoying. His pants fall down way too much.
  • Emma-A German-speaking girl who nobody cares about. She only had one pathetic scene in the movie. She's a Lieb ripoff.
  • Ling-A Chinese (Mandarin)-speaking girl. She's a ripoff of a ripoff. In other words, she rips of Wei who rips off Kai-Lan.
  • Yumi-The Japanese-speaking girl. She also only had one scene in the movie. Nobody likes her.
  • Anna-A Russian-speaking girl dressed as a ballerina.
  • Alexa-A Greek-speaking girl obsessed with gymnastics.
  • Young Hee-A Korean communist character created by Hungry Kim Jong-un. She devours souls.
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