Original Bottle of Lamp Oil (later "Do not drink" was removed)

Cquote1 Lamp Oil? You want it? It's yours my friend! Cquote2

Lamp Oil is a special liquid created by Morshu. It ignites after touching fire. Morshu sells it as a fuel for lamps, but some guys (including himself) drink it. He sell it in his shop along Rope and Bombs.


Morshu wanted to create a weapon that can kill Ushrom. He was developing a Doomsday Machine, but than his archenemy heard that he survived nuke explosion. Later he decided to burn him.

Lamp Oil became a #2 hit in Morshu's shop. Some guys used it as an explosive, others as drink.


Lamp Oil have many uses:

  • Burning stuff
  • Drink
  • Explosive
  • Hitting with bottle
  • Lamp Fuel
  • Making DINNER
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