Laa Doodles

Laa-Laa's Latest Creation!

Laa Doodles is an evil food created by Laa-Laa when she and po didn't like the taste of Dipsy's Dipsy Doodles.


Laa-Laa made them by microwaving chips and a Crumble Cracker, which morphed it together which made Laa Doddles. She asked Po to see if it tastes good, she ate it, and she liked it. She then asked Noo-Noo to try it, but he spat it out all over Thumper, who was next to try it. He liked it. He Lastly asked Dipsy. he tried it, and it was delicious. Dipsy and Laa-Laa were arguing ever since.

Victims of Laa Doddles

  1. Po
  2. Dipsy
  3. Noo-Noo
  4. Thumper
  5. NEDMgee
  6. Tinky Winky
  7. Baby Yoshi
  8. Mystery
  9. Alt 2.0
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