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LUNCH is something what somebody would eat after BREAKFAST! and before DINNER. It is allies with Lotsa Spaghetti.You can eat a big burger (spelled boygeer by dumb people and Fakegees) or Freench Froys. You can eat a number(dumb like 26939 or 20503258399052397532) or a crocidle. Remember, eat food without fioreaknig Total Fat, Satuarated Fat, Trans Fat, Dmub Fat and Cholesterol and Sugars/Shugars. Sounds good, right?!

Nobody had found a bunny for LUNCH. WARNING!: Don't eat 423421421 Krabby Patties. A kid named Eric thought that Lunch was spelled L-A-U-B-N-C-H. Eric died after. Weegee thought that Luigi was for Lunch. Captain 0 hasn't eaten LUNCH. Weegee ate 100 Luigi clones. Yum. Baby Yoshi eats LUNCH, and he likes it. All lunch comes out the bump.

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