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Koromo (Age 12) about to murder a victim.



Koromo Ryuumonbuchi (sometimes called Koromo Amae for no reason) is the cousin of the evil Fuhrer Toka Ryuumonbuchi and seeks revenge on Bruce Willis for food poisoning and killing her. She is a known member of Bob Saget's army and an elite member of The Black Army. Her partner in The Black Army is Mr. Dark.


Koromo was born in the 6th circle of Hell in 1537 by Hugh Boll and Bruce Lee (which further adds to the theory of Toka being the Antichrist). She was then raised and became a crazed murderer in Hell, killing damned souls who escaped from their cells. When she was 12, Bob Saget saw her actions and recruited her into his elite army of peccancy.

She then left Hell and joined The Black Army, where she was partnered with Mr. Dark, the ringmaster of the evil carnival called the Moonlight Circus. It was then she revealed she wanted to avenge Toka.

Encounter With Bruce Willis

When she was 16, she finally encountered Bruce Willis, and got into an epic fight with him so she could avenge Toka. However, Bruce Willis killed her and she is now in Hell again, where she is planning revenge.

Theme songs

thumb|left|300px|Koromo's theme song.

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