A map of Koridai, labeled with the ridiculous names of all the locations on it.

Koridai is the nation that is controlled by Hyrule. It was first formed when the Wise Ones wanted to conquer a collection of peoples, but eventually found out they could just burn down some random island, and make their new place on top of that. The Wise Ones then carved their faces into the mountains, and we have Koridai! Ganon also carved one too, being Ganon's Lair.

Nowadays, Koridai is populated by Humans, most of which settled in Koridai after emigrating from Hyrule, and a few monsters. Ganon has a summer house here, and seems to live there a lot. He tried to take over this place a few times, but Link came in and stuck his sword into threw a book at Ganon.

Those who live in Koridai will tell you that it is an independent country, but King Harkinian bribes and threatens anyone who has any form of power here, and Hyrule is considered the "boss" of this country.

Koridai is an economically poor society; people often resort to stealing, or asking nicely. Neither ever really work. Koridai's only real products are the cheese and pie they manufacture. But Nobody buys these, so now Koridai is one of the poorest countries in the world. This boosts the crime rate, so you will probably get shot or something if you go here. The only exception to any of this is Morshu's shop, that sells Rope, Lamp Oil and Bombs.


Koridai is divided into two geographic regions: Koridai island and Scandinavia, which used to belong to Soviet Russia but Koridai conquered it in 1991. Most of Koridai Island is freezing mountains with the wise people's faces carved into them. Some of Scandinavia is mountains but most of it is frozen tundra. Koridai used to be an island nation, but it decided to attach itself to land, so it did.


The climate of Koridai varies from where you are. In southern Scandinavia, there are long winters with short, warm summers. However, in northern Scandinavia and Koridai island, there is no summer, it is winter all year long.


Koridai is never ruled by one person for very long, as it is often taken over by power hungry citizens and poloticians. Usually, the person with the most power is the king of Hyrule, as he bribes the people to control them. This means, Koridai has no uniform government.

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