Koolasuchus (AKA Pappy) is a giant salamander that lived in a lake filled with Kool Aid.

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Gender: male
Hair color: none
Death: Fell off the Empire State Building
AKA: Pappy
Likes: Lakes, Murky Water, Kool Aid
Dislikes: Hights, Resturants, Falling, Mulligan inc.,
Education: None
Known For: Falling off of things

Founding Kool Diner

The thing lived in lake of KOOL AID! It also ate anything that swimmed in there. Nobody went in there anyway because it was too sticky for people. It started coming on land to find more food but every single restarant SUCKED! He disided to make his own resturant called Kool Diner. He hired a bunch of people because he couldn't sit in chairs without falling off.

After that

Soon he got bored of the place so he fired himself. Than he worked at a museum as a taxidermist. Than he quit and saw some free cheese on the ground and he ate it. Then it made him grow to the size of godzilla and he tried to climb the Empire State Building but when he got to the top he fell off and died.


He was one of the villains ressurected by the 5-Hole. When he was ressurected he was was big as he was when he died and was more evil than ever. He called himself Pappy and went to destroy the city. As the 5-Hole closed, he grew weaker and just as he was climing the empire state building, he grew very weak and fell off AGAIN and died again.


He was revived to get DNA to create Dask. He escaped after testing and turned into Uber Dask



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