Kool Aid Guy
Kool aid guy kid

The Kool Aid Guy in young form.

Gender: Male
Hair color: None
Eye color: Little dots
Species: Pitcher
Home: Kool Aid Factories
Death: Someone drank him
AKA: Kool Aid Guy
Likes: Killing
Dislikes: Spilling
Education: Trained in the art of kool aid
Occupation: Sugary Beverage
Known For: Tasting Good
UnRank: 2100 (probably one of the reasons he killed people)

Cquote1 OH YEAH! Cquote2
Kool Aid Guy

Cquote1 Can I AXE you a question! Cquote2
Kool Aid Guy

Cquote1 KNIFE to meet you! Cquote2
Kool Aid Guy

Cquote1 I thought I'd just 'gopher' it! Cquote2
Kool Aid Guy

The Kool Aid Guy was a can of kool aid and a mass-murdrer.

Younger Years

As a child, he was addicted to Kool-aid soda and screaming OH YEAH at random occasions. He played in commercials about the drink, but he went insane in the German Prison and lived in isolation. He heard the laughing and mocking of him outside the jail cell, and slowly went mad. Then when he was freed, he decided to kill everyone who didn't drink Kool-aid.

As a mass-murderer

He killed thousands of innocent people, including many children. Oh, and adults.
Kool aid murdrer

AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! He's gonna kill me!

Now, we don't really care about those, BUT he also killed some famous guys:

  • Afro Ninja
  • Star Wars Kid
  • The Dramatic Chipmunk
  • Liz Trotta (whatever)
  • Tay Zonday
  • One of the Teletubbies

We have proof:


He tried to kill Dr. Octagonapus as well, but Dr. Octagonapus killed him with his shoop da whoop lazor.

Nintendo cloned him once, but his clone was killed by Fox.

KoolAidMan Fullpic 2

Kool Aid Guy's death.

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