KoolAidMan Fullpic 2

A puddle of Kool-Aid

Kool-Aid is a scrumptious and fruitalicious drink that people buy from Kool-Aid Man. It is very yummy, but it has so much sugar that it rivals the power of coffee. Kool-Aid is available in every country except for Hyrule (because it competes with DINNER), Antarctica (because penguins don't like Kool-Aid) and China (because they like banning stuff).

As of three years ago, Kool-Aid has switched entirely to alcoholic Kool-Aid. This means all Kool-Aid is 50% alcohol. Though this technically makes it illegal for children to drink it, they drink it anyways. Many people drink it unaware that it will make them drunk, and before they know it they have videos of them drunk on YouTube.

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