Konata Izumi

Gender: Female
Hair color: Blue
Eye color: Green, particularly 'meh'-ish
Species: Human with supernatural powers
Home: Kyoto, Japan, often flees to Soviet Russia when accused by the police
Death: Killed in Mobius
AKA: Person with the world's best 'meh' face
Likes: To complete World Domination
Dislikes: The police will catch her
Education: Some high school
Occupation: Killer, schoolgirl, death note owner, lazy person
Known For: nothing, barely anybody ever sees her
UnRank: 10,000

Cquote1 Kona-chan what were you thinking just now?!?!? Cquote2
Kagami Hiiragi on Konata'''

Konata Izumi is an evil monster girl from the island nation of Japan. She is known to be very evil and recieved the Death Note and killed people with it, including her best friend, Kagami Hiiragi. She is incredibly lazy and almost as lazy as Garfield (In fact, to be called the laziest, Konata had Garfield killed). Konata is known to have a few supernatural powers, but only a few have been confirmed. One of these is a stare ability similar to Weegee's.

Aside from being lazy and a secret killer, she is often running from police for illegally obtaining a code to activate her Death Note after the free trial ran out. She was also a character in the Lucky Dinner Channel and The King's Epic Adventure. Her three best friends are Kagami Hiiragi, Tsukasa Hiiragi and Miyuki Takara.


Nobody knows where Konata was born. Some say she was born in Western Tokyo. But others think that idea is stupid. What we do no is that she was born in 1999. Regardless of where she was born, at the age of 12.666, she fled home and went to Kyoto. There she became an infamous mafia gangster, and accumulated 'lotsa UnDollars. After getting bored of being a mafia gangster, Konata just decided to become a high school student. She used the money to buy a house, a 99 year supply of DINNER, a computer, and used the rest to bribe the police into not arresting her.

In the 2010s, she would assist Spy, appearing to congratulate him whenever he got amazing trickfacestabs and ambassador (s)kills. This is what lead to his source of mastery with his already available weapons, and becoming a menace to people that don't have a brain.

Sometime in 2016, Konata recieved the Death Note from Ryuk. Realising her newfound power, she began becoming a criminal again, and used the Note to kill 'lotsa people, including her friend Kagami. She also began expirementing with sorcery and magic, and used this to create powerful attacks for herself, including the Mikuru Beam (shoot lasers from your eyes) and Kona Stare (similar to Weegee's stare, can kill/make clones using direct eye contact).

In October 2016, Konata expiremented with dangerous technology and a Nintendo DSi, and created a device that can trap people inside the DSi, where they can be tortured. She tested this on the Police and Mama Luigi.


In December 2016, The King of Hyrule confronted Konata, and ordered her to eat his shit. After refusing, Konata trapped the King in her DSi. Later in Mobius, Sonic destroyed the DSi, releasing the King. She then attempted to capture him in a Pokeball, but was instead killed

Known Powers/weapons

  • Death Note - A notebook about death.
  • Magical Nintendo DSi - A DSi that can suck people into the game where she tortures them. Confirmed in The King's Epic Adventure
  • Kona Stare -  An ability similar to Weegee's Stare
  • Congratulate - Appear in brief instances in appearance xor voice.
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