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Knuckles Beats People Up is a Shame, and is the direct sequel of Sonic the Hedgehog Beats People Up. It continues Sonic's adventure with Knuckles.


After Robotnik Sr. discovers it was Knuckles who shot his son, not Sonic, he chases after him. Knuckles meets up with Sonic in the City, and Sonic tells Knuckles that he will track down Robotnik Sr. Knuckles should beat evil people up. Then, the play controls Knuckles, and makes him beat people up, and occasionally go on missions, fight against bosses, and play mini-shames. After the player reaches 1 point (which is very hard to do), Sonic comes up, and says he found Robotnik Sr. They put on masks for a reason Sonic will not say, and they smash into a building. Sonic demands money, and Knuckles realizes it is a bank. They get arrested, and Robotnik Sr. is Knuckles' cell mate. They fight, but then Dr. Robotnik is seen in the next cell, and they realize he is alive. Robotnik Sr. then breaks out of jail, and Sonic is released due to good behavior. Knuckles stays there for a while.


This game was actually popular. Well, not really. It was liked more than other games because Knuckles was playable, but it was considered lame. Biased Ratings gave it 20 out of 10.

Other Pointless Stuff


There are exactly three thousand missions, and when ALL of them are beaten, the player gets 0.5 points.

Boss Fights

  • Robotnik Jr. is the son of Dr. Robotnik, and is trying to get revenge on Knuckles. Of course, he's a kid, so he is easy to beat. Points awarded: 0.03
  • RobotnikClause is Dr. Robotnik's twin brother. He is trying to beat Knuckles, because beating someone who beat Dr. Robotnik would make him superior to Dr. Robotnik. Points awarded: 0.05
  • Momma Robotnik is the mother of Dr. Robotnik. She is avenging her son. Points awarded: 0.05
  • Dr. Eggman is some guy who knows the Robotniks. He fight Knuckles. Points awarded: 0.07
  • Robotnik Sr. is the father of Dr. Robotnik, and the main antagonist of this shame.


  • Walk is a mini-shame where you have to make Knuckles walk to win. Points awarded: 0.05
  • ATTACK THE ROBOTS is a mini-shame where you have to destroy two robots by jumping on them. Points awarded: 0.05
  • Do Nothing is a mini-shame. If you do nothing, you win. Points awarded: 0.2