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Knight Sonic, lookin' awesome for the camera.

Knight Sonic is Sonic's knight form, because Everybody who is Anybody has a knight form. Sonic turns into Knight Sonic by putting on the Chaos Helmet. Then, armor and a large sword magically appear, because Sonic likes magic. Magic is shiny.


First Use

Sonic first discovered his Knight Sonic form while playing a game of Super Mario Bros. When he beat the game for the 42nd time, Mario jumped out of the screen and started shooting fireballs at him. Sonic grabbed the Chaos Emeralds, but Mario hit them with a fireball. The power of the fireball charged them together into the legendary Chaos Helmet.

After putting on the helmet, Sonic became Knight Sonic, and Mario regretted ever messing with Sonic. Sonic chased Mario around for three hours, just for the fun of it. Then, he let Mario go. Mario just hid in the toilet, worried Sonic gave him rabies.

Last Use

Knight Sonic, going in for the kill.

Sonic did not use Knight Sonic that often, as it requires Mario to help make the helmet. And everyone knows that Mario and Sonic hate each others' guts. In fact, Sonic has only used the Knight Sonic one other time. When Gaia tried to eat the world, Satoru Iwata commanded Mario to make the Chaos Helmet for Sonic, and he did.


When Sonic becomes Knight Sonic, he gets indestructible armor, and a huge sword. The armor can not be destroyed by anybody but an Undefeatable, and is also shiny, just like magic. The sword can cut through anything, and can shoot Spartan Laser blasts.