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The gross anatomy of the kiwi

A kiwi waiting to ambush a Giant Isopod.

A kiwi anatomy cartoon

The kiwi is a kind of bird that is made of fruit. It is named such because it comes from New Zealand. Some of them want to emigrate to UnAmerica, but they typically don't have the means. They are usually nice, but they are the sworn enemies of the Giant Isopod. It feeds during the day, so they usually don't come into contact with them, but if they did, there would be hell to pay.

Also, they have a theme song that they stole from Martian cats.



Kiwi rocking the treadmill-0

A kiwi in walking training

Kiwis cannot fly. They can walk if they are trained by humans.

Their sense of smell rivals that of an Illinoisian, making them good at pinball. They also like interpreted dancing.


Dancing kiwi

The Kiwi dance.