Kittenolivia is a planet in the country known as Kittenolivia in which the extraterrestrial beings known as cats and kittens are created. Both the positive and negative energies of Kittenolivia expand and contract, until they form the image of the quadrupedal animal we all know as feline. These energies are then given gifts by the great cosmos- a physical form and sentience. When created, all cats start out as kittens, and are ferried across the river Styx by the ferryman, Charon. Once they reach the Earth, these kittens go forth and learn of the world.

The problem with cats arriving upon the Earth is that sometimes, positive and negative energies become too taxing on the felines' cells; this malfunction is corrected by the Cat Sheep Theory. What this equates to is that the population of cats is directly proportionate to that of sheep in New Zealand. If they continue to spawn after this quota has been reached, there will be a great and unfathomable catastrophe that will mess up the UnOmniverse. Should this catastrophe come to fruition, there will be things no one should ever see. We will witness unsolvable murders, weeks of agonizing raids, relentless, unexplained attacks, gout, goiters, plague, and anthrax. This will doubtlessly be followed by new and unconventional threats, cumulating in the apocalypse.


Unlike the "real world", Kittenolivia is composed of one Pangaea-like continent surrounded by a sea of blue lemonade. The continent is also christened Kittenolivia. The largest city, Arx Felis, has buildings composed entirely of alabaster, and the streets are paved with gold. This explains why they (cats) hold us (humans) in such high disdain.

Because of their physical geography, the only way they can reach the place we call UnEarth is by means of Charon. Charon's boat is composed of a rare tristinium compound which is somehow resistant to the blue, lemony goodness.

The formidable sea of blue lemonade is maintained and preserved by Kittenolivia's minister of security, the Kitty Lemon.

Additionally, there is another part of Kittenolivia that is two dimensional, known as Whitespace, and is inhabited soley by Tricats. Unlike the rest of Catspace, Whitespace is connected to Kittehlandia by anything flat and white. Tricats have been known to escape from Catspace through Whitespace.

Returning to Kittenolivia

As demonstrated by countless Cat-Toast Device experiments, the cat seems to disappear after being exposed to adhesive. Scientists have concluded that glue is actually the antiparticle to the cat. Therefore, upon contact, the cat annihilates, creating a miniature black hole in the process. Other scientists hypothesize that the black hole is actually a gateway to Kittenolivia, where the cat retreated out of fear.

Following the Third Undefeatable War, physics itself changed and prevented such from happening, as Toast no longer falls butter-side down. Cat-Toast Devices nowadays are typically composed of cylinders made out of toast, which exhibit zero loss of energy, and servals end up abusing the leftover glue.

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