King Pig was a pig who is the leader of the pigs. His best minion is Smile Dog. He wants to fight Joseph Stalin because Stalin took his tacos. King Pig is also the leader of the Nazi Party.

Early Life

Rare footage of King Pig changing the background to white, meaning he is a racist pig.

King Pig was born in North Korea, to mom Shrek and father Adolf Hitler. One day, King Pig went to the toilet to poop out some lightbulbs, and his mom saw her with a dog. The dog smiled back at King Pig's mom, and he was killed 666 seconds later. 1337 years passed, and King Pig and Smile Dog decided to rule all of North Korea. King Pig was shot down at a concert featuring Squidward Tentacles and John Cena. They say that Abraham Lincoln shot King Pig.


On March 18, 2017, the day ROBLOX Hacker War II started, King Pig had his funeral. The people who came to the funeral were Bacon Hair, Dr. Seuss, William Shakespeare, Bob the Builder, Thomas the Tank Engine, Donald Duck, Hillary Clinton, and Pink Sheep. His dad comitted suicide after his wife was murdered by Smile Dog. King pig will live in our hearts.

Leader of the pigs
Hungry Kim Jong-un
1337-2003 SpongeBob
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