Not to be confused with his twin brother, the Ice King.
King Normal N. Ott
King Normal


Gender: Male
Hair color: White
Eye color: White
Species: Human
Home: Evil Land
Death: NEVER!
AKA: The Maniac of Evil Land
Likes: World Domination
Dislikes: Forgetting what he remembered
Education: A King's Degree in College
Occupation: King
Known For: Enslaving People
UnRank: 40,285,582

King Normal N. Ott is the 748th King of Evil Land. He is the supreme ruler of Evil Land, and commands an army that CAN CRUSH YOU! You know, if he wants it to. That's why you stay on his good side (if he has one...).

He was born about 40 years ago, and he became king. He is a ruler now. He commands the entire Evil Land, because he is just awesome like that. He also costars in Plankton: Da Shame with Plankton and even today him and Plankton are very good friends, both being developer's for many Shames like, Plankton Kart and a bunch more.


He was born 40 years ago (but you already knew that). He was raised in the Evil Land castle, where he was whipped for "breathing the King's royal air". When he was 10, he was so mad, he Shoop da Whooped the castle, and it blew up! He declared himself king of Evil Land, and built a new castle, and made it Shoop da Whoop-proof.

He passed a new law that said that people could breathe the King's royal air, but revoked it two years later when he realized how fun whipping is. He now punishes people all the time for the weirdest crimes, some of which don't make sense.

When he was 22, a rebellion occurred. So, he established a new government system, and he was declared the "most powerful man in the world" (besides Chuck Norris). The power got to his head, and he started expanding his land.

He is now the seventh most powerful man in the world, but still holds enough power to command his country.


King Normal is a very powerful person, despite the fact that his guard normally do all of the work. He has legendary Shoop da Whoop abilities, and he can turn his hands into Spartan Lasers. He can shoot Energy Blasts out of his eyes, and he has Idiot Manipulation AND he can DANCE!

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