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King Fruit
Gender: Male
Hair color: Peach
Eye color: Peach
Species: Peach
Home: Mushroom Kingdom
Death: The year 11, 10 years after founding the Mushroom Kingdom
AKA: First King of the Mushroom Kingdom
Likes: Peaches

Toads Power

Dislikes: Anything that is not a peach
Education: Went to college, but he dropped out
Occupation: King of the Mushroom Kingdom
Known For: Being King of the Mushroom Kingdom
UnRank: 4,843


- King Fruit


King Fruit was the founder of the Mushroom Kingdom. In the year 1, he gathered three of his friends from college, and together, they formed an incredible army, the third biggest in the world at the time. They traveled to a section of Europe, and forgot what they were doing at the time. But, seeing the original Toad walk by, they remembered. He kidnapped the Toad, and renamed the land "The Mushroom Kingdom." They them cloned him millions of time to create the main denizens of the kingdom. After a few years of ruling, he somehow tricked his friends to go to Antarctica, where they froze to death. After ten years of ruling, a stupid toad accidentally took a bite out of his head, killing him.