Cquote1 BOW DOWN TO MEE HO! Cquote2
King Frost, in The Game

He's the king of the show!

King Frost is t-hee ho monarch of the UnUnited Kingd-hee ho-m, Canada, Australia, Pac-Land, Jamaica, the Frost Dimension, Cadbury, 1,854,977,449 Jack Frosts, and 7,951,305 Black Frosts. Hee's best kn-ho-wn for his diet of OVER 9000 Cadbury Mini Eggs every day, which is impossible.

Hee als-ho flexes that hee's the king ho! And you better know he's the hee ho king because he also NEVER SHUTS THE HEE HO UP ABOUT IT! Did I m-hee-nti-ho-n he won't shut up about b-hee-ing the king ho!?
King frosty

Him on vacation

Despite his superiority hee ho complex he's actually quite smart, taking the opportunity ho of Cadbury meddling in t-hee 2015 Britis-ho el-hee-cti-ho-n as a way to seize their company all to himself! Hee so he can eat their mini eggs for fr-hee ho. Although his biggest competitor for "M-ho-st chocolat-hee-s eaten in a single day" was Greg Heffley and he did hate him, he didn't stage the Mementos fusion. That was all Fake Igor's fault.

See hee als-ho

List of people he thinks are his subjects

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