Cquote1 Skidoo Skiduckture, your organs are ruptured. Cquote2
King Fire Slime

King Fire Slime rules the Fire Slimes and Slime Island.

In "Punch Your Brains Out: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut"

He appears as the champion of the King Circuit. He can only be hurt if his crown is punched off.

Out of the Game

He rules Slime Island with a iron fist (literally) and executes any visitor. Some people thought he could kill Chuck Norriseegee, Thanos, and/or NaN, but this was disproven.

Blue Fire Form

Negative king fire slime

This is what happens when he is enraged. He will kill everybody on sight. He is on par with the great destroyer Indominus Rex in this form, which is terrifying. HOW ABOUT WE JUST CALL HIM JESUS KING FIRE SLIME!!!!!!!

Things He Did

  • He tried to burn down the entire population of the UnEarth in the very far future (He had to fight Lythronax and WaAsplode Tinky Winky for the right for this. WaAsplode Tinky Winky won, but was stopped anyway).
  • He ate a Universe once.


He combines with the corpses of dead Fire Slimes to become stronger. This is another way he can access his Blue Fire Form, though he has to eat a LOT to do it.

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