King Dinner

The mighty King Dinner!

King Dinner Throne

King Dinner with his children.

King Dinner is the founder of the great nation of Hyrule! He was the first king to ever be a king of Hyrule. He was most notable for founding a nation, inventing DINNER, and not being right in the head. King Dinner was actually not a Hyrulian at all, but an ancient version of a Magikarp.


King Dinner was born 27 BC, and lived in the ocean for a long time. During year 1, he decided he wanted to do something with his life, so he learned how to breathe air, and then came up to the surface. He declared the land around him Hyrule! He then tried to find the bathrooms, but couldn't, so he blew some stuff up.

He founded Hyrule over a period of ten years (Link I was very helpful during this time), and after he was finished, he had wondered where his toes had gone (he doesn't have any). Link I smacked him, so he killed Link I with his powerful water attacks.

After this, King Dinner had no "helper", and started doing stupid things, like make eating Pop Tarts made of Cheese illegal on Thrusdays. King Dinner was assassinated on June 30, 12. His son took over, and he was right in the head, so Hyrule thrived for thousands of years.


King Dinner is often regarded to be one of the greatest leaders in history. NOT! Though King Dinner created what eventually became one of the greatest civilizations of the modern UnWorld, he was hated by all of his people. Seriously, they built a statue of him for the sole purpose of having birds crap all over it. It is now considered the ninth crappiest statue in the UnUniverse.

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