King Dεdεdε

What a brave man.

Gender: Male
Hair color: None
Eye color: Black
Species: Pangolin
Home: India
Death: Killed by Chuckles the Cheat
Occupation: King

King Dεdεdε is a knock-off of King Dedede, whose name has Es instead of Es.

Unlike King Dedede, who is a Penguin, King Dεdεdε is a Pangolin, and used to rule India, but he died trying to stop Chuckles the Cheat from cheating India to make it no longer a monarchy, he failed, like, miserably, so bad it made Po look innocent. He was usually a good king, but would kill a random Waddle Dee each 3rd Friday of anyone of the odd number months on a leap year in the last 10 seconds of a Solar Eclipse if he ate Kohlrabi for DINNER. He has tried to make the UnUnited Kingdom DIE lotsa times.

Legend has it he's an Echo Fighter of King Dedede.

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