King Boo

THAT is why you do not want to turn into a boo.

King Boo is the king of the Boos. He is not an actual king, as he has no land, he has no real power, and he has no intelligence (except for his IQ of 220). King Boo is in charge of leading the boos into battle for Bowser when needed.

Before he was a boo, King Boo was Bower's nephew, even though Bowser does not have any brothers or sisters. King Boo was also a bank robber, so when Bowser shot him, he turned into a boo. As Bowser's nephew, he was given the rank of "Bathroom Cleaner" in the boo army. But then he bribed Bowser with a pop tart, and King Boo became the king of the boos.

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