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Kim Jong-il
Gender: Male
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Evil
Species: Human
Home: North Korea, China, various other places
Death: Still alive
AKA: Dear Great Epic Awesome Super Goldy Holy Amazing Awesome God Dear Super Amazingly Epic Leader Kim Jong-il
Likes: Cake
Dislikes: Wario
Education: ???
Occupation: Peasant farmer (birth-1955) dictator (1955-present)
Known For: inventing the Hamburger
UnRank: 199199

Kim Jong-il is the father of Hungry Kim Jong-un, the ruler of Big Super Happy Fun Fun Evil China Land, the son of Wario, and the current ruler of North Korea He is a famous inventor, known for the Hamburger and the "Sue" shames from Y8. He is featured in multiple Shames, including Kooking Kim and Kooking Kim 2: Hamburger Rush. In most of his shames, he makes lotsa food for his son, Hungry Kim Jong-un, who needs lotsa food because he is always very hungry.

In 1955, Kim Jong-il seized power of North Korea from his father Wario in a coup d'état. He exiled Wario from North Korea, and Wario decided to go to the 9th Dimension.

Kim Jong-il has two children: Hungry Kim Jong-un and Kim Jong-nam (aka Kim Om-nom)


Kim Jong-il is the son of Wario, who, at the time, was the ruler of North Korea. He had recieved the land from China following the Korean War and ruled it ever since. Jong-il was born in P'yongyang, the capital city of North Korea. He went to a private school reserved for government beaurocrats, or people with lotsa Money. Later, Kim found that Wario was a terrible ruler, one unfit to rule the land created by his grandfather 5000 years earlier. Kim Jong-il then decided to plot against Wario, so he got a lot of people from the military to join him, and they preformed a coup d'état on 5 October, 1955. The coup was a success, and Wario was banished to the 9th Dimension along with his brother Waluigi, making the next person in line for the throne Kim Jong-il.

Kim Jong il's mom and dad is Doge and King Pig.

Ruler of North Korea
1646-Today None (presumably Hungry Kim Jong-un or Kim Jong-nam)