Kim Il-sung

Kim Il-sung creating the Korean Peninsula

Gender: Male
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Species: God
Home: Korea
Death: Immortal
AKA: Eternal President of the Republic
Likes: Korea, Asia (Except Japan and India), The East, North Korea
Dislikes: Japan, India, UnAmerica, Europe, The West, South Korea,
Education: He knows all
Occupation: God
Known For: Created the Korean Peninsula 5000 years ago as a beautiful land of peace and prosperity
UnRank: 9999999

Kim Il-sung is a god and the father of Wario, the grandfather of Kim Jong-il, and great grandfather of Hungry Kim Jong-un. 5000 years ago, he created the Korean Peninsula as a wonderful and infinitely rich and prosperous land where the Korean People would live. Unfortunately, this land was conquered by China, and then given to Wario. Kim likely formed 12341234 years ago in the depths of space. He then moved to the UnWorld to show off his godly powers. He did this by engaging in many battles with less people, n00bs, and lesser gods. He once tried to take on Chuck Norris, but failed, so he was banished to hell. In hell, he was taught how to steal souls by Dora the Explorer.

Finding that it was boring in hell, Kim Il-sung went back to the UnWorld and created the Korean Peninsula. He then had a child named Wario, and he also forced a bunch of people from China to become Korean. Here in Korea, Il-sung built a luxurious palace that took up 2/3rds of the entire country. He then ordered the people to worship him, and build epic statues of him. Soon, the shrines, temples, statues, and palaces around the country took up 95% of all of the land in Korea. The Korean people wanted him out, but they were very nice, and didn't want to hurt Kim's feelings, so they just told China to invade. When China invaded, they kicked Kim Il-sung out, and burnt the palaces, shrines, temples and statues. After his exile, he moved to China where he today is a janitor. Later, following the Korean War, the land was given to his son Wario.

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