Killing Rampage is the fifth episode from the Teletubbies (2015 TV series). This one is a bit random.


The episode starts with Po playing with the Tiddlytubbies. She then decides to teach them her and the other tubbies' evil ways. Meanwhile, Laa-Laa is playing with her ball, then goes inside and decides to go to the Real World. She presses the transport button and is transported. She goes around killing random and weak children. Back in Home Dome, Po tries to get Umpie Pumpie to kill Dipsy with an AK-47. he almost succeeds, shooting Alt 2.0 instead, but Po says close enough. She sucks anyway.

Laa-Laa has killed 19876544567787667 kids. She encounters Spider-Man, who throws her weapon away. Laa-Laa and Spiderman get into a big fight which is broken up by one random kid who says Stop figwting, figwting is not gowd. Suddenly, Adolf Hitler shoots the boy and Laa-Laa shoots Hitler. Laa-Laa says bye-bye to Spiderman and transports back to Teletubby Land, where Ba shoots her and Daa-Daa laughs. They now know how to be evil!

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