Ahhh Its Kill Nye

Kill Nye is the evilest Nye of them all. He was created as the first Nye clone By Dill Nye and Phil Nye. He was supposed to be named Kyle Nye, but the clone thought Dill said "Kill" and then he was all like "My name is Kill Nye so imma gonna be all evil like and kill people!". So after the first epic battle with Dill and Phil, Kill escaped with the Nye Clone-o-Matic 9000 and started making an army of Nye Clones. Kill Nye is the main villain in the Dill Nye series. He was going to kill Pickleodeon and become ruler of Pickle Land, but Pickleodeon did not want that. So he is just a bad guy from Pickle Land that hates Nyes and likes the ruler of Pickle Land a lot so he would never want to interfere with his Story canon, so he has nothing to do with the Nye series at all.

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