Kids Country is an evil country in the midwest of UnAmerica that is completely ruled by kids. All adults are forced to be slaves to all kids for their entire life. Some kid invented a potion that makes you unable to age, so all kids will never become adults and all adults will never become Old People and retire from their work as a slave. Lotsa things in Kids Country are strictly BANNED. No School, No Books, No Work, No Parental Controls, No Internet Censorship, No TV Cuss Word Censorship, No Free Adults, Lots more. Currently, Kids Country is ruled by Bob Cheese, an evil child who lead the Children's Revolution and founded Kids Country. It has a very strong military of slave adults, so most countries leave Kids Country alone. Except for RobotnikClause and Barack Obama, who teamed up to conquer Kids Country. The capitol of Kids Country is Kanasas City, which is where Bob Cheese lives.


Kids Country was founded by Bob Cheese who lead the Children's Revolustion in the Midwest. After the whole Midwest region secceeded from UnAmerica, Kids Country was created and all adults were forced to become slaves to all kids.

Expansion Attempts

Kids Country has fought many battles with Canada, UnAmerica and the Antichild Association. Currently they don't have many no allies, as most countries hates them.

Allies and Pacts

Kids Country has signed many pacts with organizations, people and evil countries. The treaty of Evil Land said that Kids Country and Evil Land must help each other out in wars. They also have an allience pact with Germany, the Umbrella Corporation, Stu Pickles, the German Prison and Space Invaders.


  • Some people on Earth created a stupid "Before and After School" program called Kids Country. Kids Country (The accual country) is planning an attack on them.
  • Kids Country is really good at making Shames, they have their own shame starring their country.
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