A khajiit in attack mode

The Khajiit (often called Cat People because that name isn't as stupid) are a race of cat-like humans. There are some human-like cats among them, but those are not real khajiit. The khajiit are native to Skyrim and enjoy chasing balls of yarn and/or string.

The khajiit are most well known for being liars and thieves. Well, let me tell you something. That is absolutely correct. The khajiit are deceitful furballs that will do anything for money, attack and kill mice for no reason and chirp at birds while staring out of the window. The khajiit are pretty much like regular cats, actually. The only exception is that khajiit can talk, even though they are not actually humans.


  • Khajiit make good mercenaries and hired thieves.
  • Most khajiit have Idiot Manipulation.
  • The khajiit can create great coats.
  • Some khajiit are actually from another omniverse! How cool is that?

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