A gibberish photo of Ketamine.

Ketamine (AKA Special K, Kit-Kats, or Cat Valium) is a stress-relieving white powder that also makes the user Hallucinate, get paralysis, having his lungs Asplode, and in some cases DIE. The majority of it is owned by Mr. Krabs, Yoda, Cheren, and the Spartans. (Explains a lot about their Crazy Myths)


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NOW that's a better image of Ketamine.

Ketamine was discovered in 2,000 B.C. by the Spartans. When they snorted it up, it made them Hallucinate about flying people and such, causing the Spartan Myths to appear from that. The Ketamine was then taken to other places and such, and it became a drug as a whole.

Sometime in 1935 or so, Kat found this stuff and decided to inject it into Chocolate Wafers. This stuff was delicious, and so she sold it and became really rich or something like that. Also, Some Teen named Cheren decided to mix this stuff up with some Wine, and turned himself into a cat. (In his head, he was still a N00b)



An image of pure Ketamine. Both in Liquid and Powder flavors!

This stuff is usually used to relive-stress normally, but the majority of people use it in order to have highs and hallucinate some crazy stuff. As mentioned already, Kit-Kats have some of this stuff inside of them, so they are either snorted, consumed or injected into one's body.

If mixed with other drugs, a person taking Ketamine can DIE. The only thing that can safely mix with Ketamine is Money. So please, drink, inject, consume, and snort responsibly, kids! And remember, Don't Do Drugs, Do the Mario!

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