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Hi-ho, mofo

Gender: Frog
Hair color: Green
Eye color: Black
Species: Unknown
UnRank: 200

Kermit is a mutated radioactive frog (similar to Godzilla) who likes to play banjo, and drink tea. He also is a pro at using AK-47s.

Early Life

No one really cares about Kermit's early years, but what we do care about, was the time Kermit first exited the swamp. (He even acted it out with his friends.) When Kermit first exited the darn swamp, he discovered the joys of tea through the local Starbucks he just found.

He also stopped frog gutting experiments, enough said.

Sesame Street

Kermit went to Sesame St. at the wrong time, as crime had taken over, and he was with no gun, at least, until he discovered AK-47s, making Kermit the toughest frog in Sesame St, despite the fact that he was nice and stuff.

Kermit now tells this, and the tea story, at local McDonald's near his swamp. If you can't get there, you can always play Grand Theft Sesame Street or watch Kermit's Swamp Years.

Never underestimate a mutated frog with an AK-47.

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