Kaylo (also known as GoAnimate Caillou) is an evil version of Caillou.


History of Kaylo

Kaylo was created when Caillou met Weegee. Weegee stared at Caillou, but Caillou ran away before the Weegification was complete, creating the partially-Weegified Kaylo. Kaylo and Caillou later split into separate beings.

Kaylo was abducted by Wario, then forced through the Wa-Machine, creating WaKaylo.


  • He is respawnable.
  • He can teleport.
  • He can turn anything into a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant using his combination of GoAnimate logic, black magic, and Weegee powers (for some other examples of Weegee powers, Malleo can turn people into Fire Flowers and Fortran can PUSH START TO RICH).
  • Other than that, he can pee lasers or fire them out of his fingers. He can also shoot fireballs like Mario.
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