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An upper class, is he.

" I really wish you hadn't done that. "
  —Katz on wishing that Haggis Maggis didn't downtune his bass guitar

" How about a little sport before dying, dear boy? "
  —Katz before one of his many fights with Johnny C., his arch rival

Katz is a bass guitarist and homicidal maniac. He plays bass for the doom metal band Lord Loss, based after the name of the infamous SheeBookie of the same name. While not writing material for the band, he is out scamming people into coming into his hotel, where he kills them.

Johnny C., who is also a homicidal maniac, often has fights or arguments with Katz, and is his arch rival. However, neither of them win any of their fights, and usually come out tied.

Courage the Dog defeated Katz multiple times.